alexander technique

The Alexander Technique is a method for psychophysical re-education based on the correct alignment of the head, neck and spinal column.
Its aim is to teach people an appropriate use of the body in order to promote functionality in every-day life.

A constantly increasing number of people suffer from backache, headache, physical and mental weariness, muscular tension and spinal troubles. In most cases these problems can be solved with a more functional movement re-education.

The Alexander Technique plays an important role in preventive medicine and offers valuable support in the treatment of several diseases.

With the Alexander Technique:

  •  we learn to recognise and modify inadequate postural habits that cramp us in a tense body;
  •  we relax the tensions that are often the origin of muscular pains, anxiety, weariness and spinal affections (such as lordosis, kyphosis, backache, discopathies, cervical pains, migraine);
  •  we learn to distribute in an equilibrate way our energies, increasing our physical and mental freedom;
  •  we improve breathing and coordination;
  •  we obtain a more functional, smooth and articulate movement and enjoy physical and mental well-being.