Alice, the nutcracker and other reveries

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Alice, the nutcracker and other reveries
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Year: 2008
Choreography: Enrica Spada
Music: P.I.Tchaicovskj
With: Matilde Dedola, Yann Arthus Hamelin, Alice Melis, Silvia Muroni, Anna Elisa Olia, Agnese Setti
Production: Caranas 108

Life is playing, playing is dream, so life is dream… and the other way round.
A piece created and conceived with children, for all those who believe in the seriousness of fairytales and of playing.
Yann, Alice, Matilde, Silvia, Agnese, Elisa, six children of flesh and blood, are the protagonists of this magic tale that discloses with charming simplicity that life is worth dancing.

Enrica Spada