From here to there

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From here to there
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Year: 2006
Project and dance: Carla Onni, Rita Spadola
Original music: Simon Balestrazzi
Video: Elisabetta Saiu
Lighting: Valerio Contini
Length: 55 min

A soul place or non-place, suspended in an indefinite dimension. Turned upside down, in an absurd wait where inaction generates action. As under a spell, we get tangled in the net of thoughts, we look at the past and long for the future in a ceaseless pursuit of deals with time, the "great sculptor" who builds certainties and shatters them, who weaves hopes and destroys them, who reveals new paths and maintains them...

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From here to there. An elegant performance by Rita Spadola and Carla Onni... an individual and parallel pathway across feelings that merge in mirror-like movements and culminate in contrast, in interaction and competition...

Roberta Sanna, La Nuova Sardegna