Play - Today I'm a toreador

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Year: 2008
Conception, direction and dance: Rita Spadola
Original music: Henning Frimann
Video concept and assistent direction: Elisabetta Saiu
Mask maked by: Emilio Ortu Lieto e Katia Loddo
Text from: Elisabetta Saiu e Rita Spadola
Production assistence: Francesca Fenu
Production: Associazione Caranas 108

Is it possible to get into dreams? Where is the border between reality and imagination? Is it forbidden to surrender to an apparent non-sense loaded with meaning?

Playing is one of the fundamental creative experiences of men, a free creative act and at the same time a representation of an imagined, dreamed and sought-after reality. Playing is also a reversal of everyday reality, the possibility of a catharsis in a representative act that allows us to understand it in its unending and manifold changing. Playing allows to ease tensions and to experiment a withdrawal from "ordinary" or "real" life, to enter in a temporary sphere of activity with aims of its own...

Play - Today I'm a toreador is a playful and played idea, a serial performance interpreted by a mysterious character who doctors the elements of reality, as it happens in children's games, inviting the public to share his/her unpredictable imagination through a surreal journey where "pretending that..." delineates emotional paths, fragments of recognizable life, doubts and desires, blending dreams and reality.

Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays...
(Friedrich Schiller)