Rita Spadola

Dancer and performer, she did most of her dance education abroad, where she lived for more than ten years. In Paris she studied with Peter Goss, Jean Gaudin, Sophie Lessard and danced with Thierry Guedj. In New York she attended Jocelyn Lorenz and Maggie Black's ballet lessons, studied contemporary dance with Merce Cunningham, improvisation with Dana Reitz, K.J. Holmes, Simone Forti, Lisa Nelson, Ruth Zaporah and she danced with choreographers such as Poppo Shiraishi, Stephan Koplowitz, Merian Soto (Pepatian Dance Company), Barbara Thatcher.
She presented her first choreographies at the Mulberry St. Theater and DIA Art. Foundation of New York. Rita Spadola is a qualified ATI Alexander Technique Teacher (A.T.I. Alexander Technique International, USA). She trained in New York with Joel Kendall from 1988 until 1991. Since then she has been teaching Alexander Technique on regular basis.

Back to Italy, she founded Caranas 108 and danced with Angela Torriani Evangelisti and Maurizio Saiu. She creates the performances ...Caro Cervo and Tana Kirkos (1998).

In 2000 she started her cooperation with the dancer Carla Onni, with whom she developed the choreographies Lacrime di vetro (2000) and Dove posso posare il mio viso? (2001). She also produced the solo performance Storie Invisibili (2002) and the four-women performance Se hai fretta rallenta (2003). In 2004, together with Carla Onni, she produced PrimaOraPoi and the performance Suoni Segreti, with Pinuccio Sciola's sound stones and Alessandro Olla's original music. In 2005 she danced in Transfigura, a Caranas production directed by Ornella D'Agostino. In 2006 she produced Da lì a qui, together with Carla Onni. She's the author and dancer of Play - Today I'm a toreador (2008). In 2009 she directed Io ti tenevo intensa e leggera.

She performed in Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, Russia, United States, Venezuela and Japan. She dances in improvisation performances in Italy and abroad.

Since 2001 she has been the artistic director of the international dance festival MovimentInTempo (MIT Festival) and of the event Tracce di danza.